This afternoon we had our Year One Race Event.

The children in Year One wowed everyone with their fabulous assembly this morning.

We went into the Orchard with rulers, metre sticks and measuring tapes to see what we could measure.

During Orchard Week we have been thinking about Charles Darwins, the famous scientist. 

As part of our Orchard week we are looking at using IPADs in the outdoors.  Today we used the IPADs to record on the camera roll our outdoor maths.  The children worked in pairs to create addition and subtraction sentences using natural objects. 

Our first day back this term was an exciting one. We had a wonderful visit to the Flamingo Land Zoo to learn all about African Animals to launch our new topic of 'Let's go on Safari!'.
We got on the coach at 9am then set off towards the zoo, when we arrived we split into groups and did lots of different activities. We did an African Ranger activity where we had to work out what an animal was based on a set of clues, some of them were easy and some of them were very tricky. We had time to wander around the zoo and look at the animals and their habitats. One of the rangers showed us round and told us facts about the animals, where they live and what they need to be happy and healthy.
Hopefully this has inspired us all for our new topic.

Today, in order to celebrate World Book Day, we all dressed up as aliens to go alongside the book 'The Alien's are Coming' and our topic of Space. We were lucky enough to have a Planetarium in the hall. We went inside the huge dome to find out all sorts of facts about space and the solar system.

Images of space, the moon landing, the sun, Saturn's rings and the constellations (to name a few) were projected on to the wall the provide a 3D view of space. It was amazing. The children were in awe!


This half term started with a focus on art. We took inspiration from Salvador Dali's sureallist painting of 'Ship with Butterfly Sails'.

The whole school worked together to create a big picture which is proudly on display in the hall.
Each class made a back panel and a butterfly using different media.

We did lots of mini projects in the classrrom too. Who knew there were so many ways to make a butterfly!
We've made sun catchers, origami, mechano and paper fans to name a few.