On 6th July, Year 1 and 2 visited the Madni Mosque in Bradford as part of our RE work. Before the visit we had learnt about the month of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid. We had also found out about the five pillars of Islam. During the visit we learnt about the different parts of the mosque and why we needed to take our shoes off. We held prayer beads and saw the clock displaying the five times of the day when the Muslims should pray. We had a chance to ask lots of questions. It was a really interesting visit.

We had great fun during our Year 2 race afternoon.  We took part in lots of races including egg and spoon, dressing up and the sack race. We cheered on all our friends and earnt ourselves lots of stickers!

On 23rd June, we were very lucky to take part in a cycle workshop with Olympian cyclist Phil Bateman. The workshp consisted of a varity of skills based activities focussing on controlling speed and balance. We took part in races and completed an obstacle course which included ramps and a limbo stick!

Children and young people from 95 schools across Yorkshire took part in a cycling relay starting on the 12th June 2017 to celebrate National Bike Week. The baton travelled 395km from the start in Sheffield to its final destination in Leeds on 27th June. The baton was passed from school to school and our class greeted them on their journey and watched as the baton was passed. We gave them refreshments and cheered them on. We got to hold the baton.  

In maths we have been carrying out lots of different practical tasks to help us with our understanding of measuring. We weighed ingredients to make a 'poison pie' recipe and learnt how to read scales. When we learnt about capacity we made our own containers and then compared their capacities to containers our friends had made. We also made our own measuring bottles using the measurements of millilitres and litres.

Linked to our topic of 'Let's go on Safari', we have created beautiful African Savanna sunset paintings with silhouettes of animals and acacia trees. We first painted the sunset using our colour mixing skills to create different shades of reds, oranges and yellows. We then drew and cut out silhouettes of trees and aniimals and stuck them on. We think they look fantastic!