As part of our Archie Archbishop Award we have had to learn to work together as a team.  To do this we have played lots of games, some of which have been very frustrating but it has helped us to understand and help each other.

In ICT we used a computer programme called ‘Scratch’ to create our own algorithms.  We had great fun creating a variety of backgrounds and sprites and then programming them to make them move.  This involved lots of ‘tinkering’ to ensure we got the best possible result

During the spring term we also played Quik Sticks Hockey . We learnt how to control, pass and hit the ball safely.  We also participated in a local schools cluster competition and are still awaiting the results.

During PE this term we learnt how to fence. We had to learn lots of new techniques and commands alongside learning the ‘fencing walk.’  Every time we fenced we wore our protective clothing so that no-one would get hurt and learnt how to lunge, parry and hit safely.