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We do PE on: Tuesday and Wednesday

Please ensure the children have indoor PE kits in school on these days - white t-shirt, blue or black shorts.

We test spellings on: Friday

We practise our times tables: Daily

Our daily homework is to read to an adult at home and practise our times tables and spellings in order to ensure they make the best possible progress during their time in Year 2.

Additional homework will be set occasionally throughout the year. This will usually be linked to our topic.

This term our topic is 'Let's Explore!'. Click pdfhereto find out about the exciting things we have planned.



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Children took part in a Money Matters workshop which was run by Santander. They learned lots of useful information involving how to save money and make interest on what they have saved. They also learned about what a bank is, how it works and how to keep money safe in a bank account.

Last week we had a special visitor called Adam who took the children down to the orchard to take part in a woodland workshop. The morning involved lots of exciting activties that the children absolutely loved. They made their own clay animals using natural resources found in the orchard and then they made habitats so their animal would have shelter. Adam talked to the children about what living things need in order to surive which links with our science topic 'animals and their habitats'. The children decided that we also needed to give the animals food and water. Adam showed the children how to make a sock filter and the children made their own so they would have clean water for their animal.

Afterwards, the children made dens in groups big enough to provide shelter for themselves. Once they were finished the children went inside their den and Adam tested how waterproof they were...the children loved that part! Afer all that hard work we needed some food and a drink. We sat around a camp fire and had hot chocolate, marshmallows and popcorn. What a lovely end to a fantastic afternoon!

Today was Safer Internet Day. To raise our awareness of keeping safe when we use the internet we took part in a discussion with Mr Smith in class about rules we should remember when completing activities and playing games online. We then talked about different scenarios that could happen with the internet, such as friend's saying things about us, or strangers asking us for information about ourselves, and how these would make us feel.

In science we have been using our scientific enquiry skills by exploring and observing mini icebergs. We changed different factors that the icebergs were exposed to and observed any changes to the ice. We explored what happened when salt, washing up liquid and warm water were put on the icebergs. Our favourite experiment was adding food colouring to the iceberg - we loved seeing it drip through the small cracks and the patterns it made.

We really enjoyed sharing our previous work with the rest of school and parents and carers during our class assembly. We spoke about work we had completed on dinosaurs, we showed our art work and shared work we have completed on our new topic 'Let's Explore!'. We also sang a short rhyme in French that we had learnt for greeting people. In class and at home we are working hard on learning our timetables and enjoy singing Percy Parker songs. We sang the 2 timetable song. Please click pdfhere to view our PowerPoint of the photographs we showed during our assembly.

In art we have been developing our skills in using clay. We learnt how to make a pinch pot and how to join clay. We experimented with creating different textures and patterns and used this to create fossils. We then took our skills further and made dinosaur pots.


We had a visit from Lauren who is a dental nurse at Finkle Hill surgery. She talked to us about healthy eating and which types of food and drink are good for your teeth. In groups, we sorted pictures under a good tooth and a bad tooth. We discovered that tomato sauce is actually bad for you in large quantities because it contains a lot of sugar! We then chewed purple disclosure tablets that highlight plaque on the teeth and Lauren showed us how to brush our teeth to make sure the fluoride worked effectively. We had lots of purple tongues!

We took part in Parliament Week. We learnt about the role of Parliament and how to debate an issue. We also learnt about the role of The Speaker in the House of Commons. Mr Tucker arranged for a Skype video chat with Mr Speaker so that the children at Athelstan could ask questions about his role. We found out lots of interesting information about his job and what his opinion is about current political issues. When he was younger he wanted to be a tennis player... In class we then took part in a debate about whether or not we should have school uniform.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to join us for our open class afternoon. We had lots of fun making maths games that we then took home to help us practice our timetables and number bonds.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Year 2 SATs meeting this week. We hope you found it useful. 

Click pdfhere to download the PPT used in the meeting.

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Today we had a visit from a flamenco dance teacher. This was to celebrate the European day of languages. We were taught a range of new moves linked to a story about a matador. We needed to clap our hands and stamp our feet a lot! At the end of the day we performed our dance to the rest of the school.



Our topic launch was very exciting. The children arrived at school to find two dinosaur eggs and a big mess in their classroom! We spent the morning discussing how the eggs might have got there and what animals they might belong to. From looking at all the evidence, the children decided that it was obviously a large creature...could it have been a dinosaur? 

The children then used adventurous adjectives to describe the egg and labelled a picture of what they thought the creature might have been.


On Wednesday 20th September, children across school were treated to an exciting visit from a Maasai Warrior tribe. We had lots of fun learning about the history of their tribe and culture, as well as learning about what life is like for Maasai tribesmen and women today. The tribe performed a number of songs and dances which were very different to anything we had ever seen before! One of the best parts of the performance was the jumping competition - Mr Tucker was called to the front to try and jump as high as one of the tribesmen. 

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