At Athelstan, we aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which encourages, engages and promotes the progress of all children and prepares them with an appreciation of life in modern Britain. Our school is a 2 form entry school with single age classes across all Key Stages. Children receive a varied education which meets the national curriculum requirements.

For more information about each Milestones Curriculum please click on to the articles below 

If, after reading the information available on our website, you have further questions regarding our curriculum, please talk to your child's class teacher or contact the school using the details on the 'Contact Us' page.

This is the two year curriculum  rolling programme for Milestone One .

pdfAutumn 2019                                 pdfAutumn 2020

pdfSpring 2020                                  pdfSpring 2021

pdfSummer 2020                                   

This is the two year rolling programme for Milestone Two 

                           Year  Three                                                                                        Year Four 

pdfAutumn 2019                   pdfAutumn 2020                                   pdfAutumn 2019                  pdfAutumn 2020

pdfSpring 2020                      pdfSpring 2021                                    pdfSpring 2020                     pdfSpring 2021

pdfSummer 2020                 pdfSummer 2021                                   pdfSummer 2020                   pdfSummer 2021

This is the two year curriculum for Milestone Three 

                           Year 6                                                                                              Year  5 

pdfAutumn 2019                pdfAutumn 2020                                 pdfAutumn 2019                  pdfAutumn 2020

pdfSpring 2020                  pdfSpring 2021                                   pdfSpring 2020                     pdfSpring 2021

pdfSummer 2020               pdfSummer 2021                                pdfSummer 2020                 pdfSummer 2021


Skills progression for each subject is shown below 

pdfScience                pdfArt Milestone One                  pdfMusic

pdfEnglish                 pdfArt Milestone Three               pdfGeography

pdfReading               pdfArt Milestone Two                   pdfHistory

pdfMaths                   pdfD&T                                         pdfReligious Education

 pdfPHSCE               pdfComputing                               pdfComputing end of year expectations

pdfModern Foreign Languages (MFL)

pdfWhole school overview of science                      pdfWhole school overview of Art

pdfWhole school overview of English                       pdfWhole school overview of D&T

pdfWhole school overview of Maths                         pdfWhole school overview of Music

pdfWhole school overview of Geography                  pdfWhole school overview of Physical Education

pdfWhole school overview of History                        pdfWhole school overview of Religious Education   

 pdfWhole school Computing                                    pdfWhole school Modern Foreign Languages                                                                                             

 pdfWhole school overview of Personal,Social,Health and Citizenship Education (PHScE)

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