Thank you to everyone who attended the Y1-Y6 reading open morning today. We hope you found it useful. For those of you who couldn't make it, this is what was covered:

-Reading bookmarks were introduced.The bookmarks are there to help you think of questions to ask your child when reading with them at home and for adults (i.e. Parent helpers) to use in school. These will be attached to your child's planner by the end of the week and should stay attached to the planner so they are easily accessible for anyone reading with your child at home or school.

-Example reading activities were modelled/shared to give you a taste of how we teach reading in school.

-Parents/Guardians had an opportunity to use the bookmarks with their children and share a story/complete a reading activity together.

Please click pdfhere if you wish to view an example of how discussion, based on the bookmarks, can be recorded in the planner. The example is based on a child in KS1.


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