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At Athelstan Community Primary School we provide a well-balanced maths curriculum which is creative, practical and challenging for each child. Our curriculum aims to broaden and deepen the children’s understanding of fluency, reasoning and problem solving through modern and innovative teaching techniques that reflect the modern and cultural lives of our children.  We aim to develop skills which enable the children to use and apply numbers, measures, shape and space and data handling with competence and confidence in a range of contexts. We also aim to develop children’s skills in mental calculation, by ensuring they have a repertoire of known facts and strategies to draw upon.  Mathematics in our school will strive to foster an enjoyment of mathematical problem solving and allow children to use their skills.


At Athelstan the Teachers will:

  • Implement daily Mathematics lessons, sharing clear objectives with the children;
  • Use a range of teaching styles to incorporate, where age appropriate:- direct teaching, a high proportion of whole class oral/mental sessions, group/paired work and individual work;
  • Build practical lessons into each area whereby the children can make connections to the world around them and detect patterns, making links and connections between prior knowledge and new experiences;
  • Use the new revised Curriculum 2014 of objectives to aid planning using the ABACUS scheme of work as a basis alongside a number of other resources to encourage depth and mastery;
  • Give homework activities in line with the school’s policy e.g. learning tables, weekly challenge, learn by heart facts;
  • Assess mathematics termly using Depth of Learning and implement strategies to ensure progress of all children.

At Athelstan children will be encouraged to:

  • enjoy Mathematics and see its relevance in real life;
  • understand exactly what is expected of them on a day-to-day basis;
  • develop mental calculation strategies, so that their first reaction to a question is “can I do that in my head”;
  • use mathematical vocabulary with confidence;
  • use their knowledge to solve problems, see patterns, make predictions, present information clearly, interpret data;
  • give oral explanations of their methods;
  • Seek enjoyment in challenging mathematical situations and have a positive approach to tackling those challenges;
  • Understand which resources allow them to work out a range of mathematical problems and to use them with confidence.

 pdfClick here to see our visual calculation policy.                                                                              

pdfClick here to read our written calculation policy.

Welcome to the Times Table Challenge page of our website!

 Please help to support your child with times tables at home.

Our curriculum has changed; 

  • The Calculator Paper at the end of KS2 has now been removed, meaning that instant recall and mental maths skills are more important than ever.
  • The New Curriculum states that by the end of Year 4 children should know the multiplication and division facts for multiplications up to 12x12.

In order to further support your children with multiplication at home and in school we have set up a new rewards scheme which complements the SMIRFS system that we currently use. Your children also follow the TT Rockstars Times Tables programme in school (year two to six).

These Times Tables are to be completed at HOME, occasionally your child’s class teacher will send these home as homework, however the main emphasis on this page is that you either print out the sheets yourself or your child copies the questions out onto another piece of paper and then answers them.  These will complement the TT Rockstars Times Tables that we do in school, so the more the children practice, the better the children should become with their times tables!

Steps to take:

  1. Print out/copy out questions appropriate for your age range (above or below if you know/need more practice) Please     put your NAME on the sheet.
  2. Complete the sheet in 3 minutes (this is the same time for all challenges, meaning that as the child progresses through     school, so should their speed and accuracy with mental recall).
  3. Ask a parent/carer to mark your sheet
  4. ONLY if you get 100% correct – bring it into school and pass it to Miss Hudson with your name on it.
  5. If you have passed your sheet to Miss Hudson then you will have the opportunity to take the challenge again on Thursday lunchtime with Miss Hudson in her room.
  6. Only if you get 100% again with Miss Hudson will you have completed the challenge
  7. Collect your certificate in assembly
  8. Progress onto the next challenge!

Our awards:

Astronaut Selection 10 times tables   (suitable for Year One +)
Launch 5 and 2 times tables  (suitable for Year Two +)
Rocket Blast 10, 5 and 2  times tables (suitable for Year Two/Three +)
Space Station 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10’s mixed times tables (suitable for Year Three/Four+)
Luna Moon 3, 4, 5 and 6 mixed times tables (suitable for Year three/Four +)
Europa Moon 7, 8 and 9 mixed times tables (Suitable for Year Four +) 
Titan Moon 11 and 12 mixed times tables (Suitable for Year Four+)
The Universe all mixed times tables (Suitable for Year Four/Five/Six) 
Mission Complete 100 mixed times tables (Suitable for Year Four/Five/Six)

The ‘suitable’ year groups are as a guide only, this is where they should ideally be working but they may be accessing different challenges dependent on their ability/needs.  Don’t forget to keep practising them, even when you have completed the challenges, do them again so that you don’t forget them!


Printable Papers

Click on the links below to download the challenge sheets to take part in our times table challenge.

pdfAstronaut Selection


pdfRocket Blast

pdfSpace Station

pdfLuna Moon

pdfEuropa Moon

pdfTitan Moon

pdfThe Universe

pdfMission Complete

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