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Inter School Competitions 2017-2018


We continue to remain in the Tadcaster cluster of schools inter school competitions. The calendar is more extensive than ever before. We look forward to another successful year providing more opportunities for our children to experience competitive sport in a friendly, fun and supportive environment. Keep a look out for what we have done. 


Monday 9th October 2017

We took part in our first competition of the year and what a great start we had! We attended the Cross Country festival at Tadcaster Grammar School where we had 28 of our children in Years 3-6 attending. The children were a credit to the school. Their sportsmanship and behaviour was superb. All of the children taking part tried their very best and didnt give up no matter what. A huge well done to Lacey Bartley who despite being injured during the race was determined to finish the race. Another huge congratulations goes to Finlay Cronshaw who came first in the Year 3 boys race and qualifies for the next round of competitions. We also have  Sebastian Wraith Lobley, Joshua Clements and Hollie Gaddas who are all through to the next stage. Well done! 

Monday 16th October 2017

Mrs Whelerton took 2 teams of Year 3/4 children to a 5 a side football tournament at Tadcaster Grammar School. The children were playing against schools within the Tadcaster Cluster. All of the children had an equal amount of time on the pitch and they all loved every minute. Mrs Whelerton reported that the children tried their very best and did our school proud. She felt at times luck just wasn't on our side! The results were as follows:

Team A-

Fixture 1- Appleton Roebuck V Athelstan- 6-1

Fixture 2- Riverside V Athelstan- 1-0

Fixture 3- Athelstan V St Joseph's 6-0

Overall Team A came 3rd out of 4 Schools.

Team B

Appleton Roebuck V Athelstan 1-9

Riverside V Athelstan 6-0

St Joseph's V Riverside 2-6

Overall Team B came 2nd 

Thursday 2nd November 2017

 We attended the Sports Hall Athletics competition at Sherburn High School with a team of Year 5 and 6 children. The children tried their very best against 4 other schools. The children participated in a range of activites from Obstacle Relay, Vertical Jump, Speed Bounce,Chest Push, Javelin and Standing Long Jump to name but a few. Our school came 3rd Overall. Well done everyone!

Monday 20th November 2017

A team of 8 children in Year's 5 and 6 attended a Basketball tournament at Tadcaster Grammar School. Mr Tucker reported that the children played fantastically well and put in to practise the skills they had learnt throughout the half term in PE. The children managed to win all of the matches that they played. Well done!!

Thursday 30th November 2017

8 Year 2 children attended the KS1 Basketball Festival at Kellington Primary School. The children took part in a series of basketball skills before embarking on a match. The children played fantastically well, taking it in turns to play in the games as well as umpire. The children won all of their 4 matches! We were so proud of them.

Monday 4th December 2017

3 of our Year 3 boys and 1 of our Year 4 girls competed in the Selby Districtcross country final at Tadcaster Grammar School. All of the children gave it everything they had, making us feel so proud. Sebastian, Finlay and Joshua managed to secure a place at the North Yorkshire Sport Final at Dalby Forest in February. We wish them the very best of luck and can not wait to see how they do. 

Tuesday 16th January 2018

Miss Pugh took 8 of our KS2 children to the Tadcaster Cluster Swimming Festival at Tadcaster Swimming Pool. The children competed against 5 other schools in a series of races including breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, butterfly and relay. The children had a great time and tried their very best despite some tough competition. We came 6th overall.

Monday 5th february 2018

Mr Ivel took a team of 10 children to the Tag Rugby competition at Tadcaster Grammar School.The children competed against 5 other schools. We manged to beat Appleton Roebuck 3-2, we drew 1-1 with St Joseph's and 4-4 with Riverside but were beaten 5-1 by Tockwith and 4-1 by Tadcaster East. We can 4th overall. The children tried their best and had a great team spirit. 

Monday 5th March 2018

Mrs Whelerton took a team of 7 to the Girls Football competition at Tadcaster Grammar School. The children competed against 5 other schools. The girls did a fantastic job, working so hard as a team. This determination paid off as we came 2nd overall in the competition.

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Mrs Sampson took a team of 8 Year 3 and Year 4 children to a Mini Tennis Tournament at Tadcaster Grammar School. The children played really well and after adding together the points scored in all of the games we were the winning school! We are through to the final at Ricall Tennis Club on Wednesday 13th June. 





Inter School Competition 2016-2017


The sporting calendar this year is once again full with a wide range of sporting opportunities available to our children at Athelstan. We are moving into our second year as part of the Tadcaster Cluster of schools. We are grateful to Craig Whish who organises our events, mainly at Tadcaster Grammar School. We are hoping to participate in as many of the competitions on offer as we can and hope to better our success from our previous year.  Keep a look out on the website and in school newletters to see how we do!

Monday 17th October 2016-  A selection of our Year 3 and 4 children took part in a 6 a side tournament at Tadcaster Grammar School. Mrs Whelerton reported that all children in both the boys and girls team were a credit to our school. They had a great time. Thank you to staff, parents and children that attended.

Thursday 3rd November 2016- The Year 5/6 children tried really hard at the Sports Hall Athletics tournement at Sherburn High. They competed in various different events against 6 schools in the Tadcaster Cluster. Mr Tucker was proud of the children's performaces. Well done everyone.

Monday 7th November 2016- The Year 1 and 2 children took part in the dance festival at Tadcaster Leisure Centre. They learnt and performed dance moves to Taylor Swift's 'Shake it off' song. The children were taught by the Year 7 and 8 young leaders from Tadcaster Grammar School. Miss McCrea reported that the pupils from our school responded really well to the direction of the young leaders and told me that they all had lots of fun. A big thank you to Mrs Webster for attending this event. We couldn't have attended without your help.

Wednesday 16th November 2016- A selection of children from Years 3-6 took part in the Level 2 cross country event at Tadacster Grammar School. A girl and boy from each year group had the opportunity to compete against 50-60 children in each race. Our children tried their very best. They were all exhausted after running the course but all maintaned a huge smile on their face. They cheered each other on and were all keen to see how each of them had done in their individual race. Well done everyone. Thank you to Mrs Selby who braved the wind and cold to help to support the children.

Thursday 8th December 2016- A selection of 8 children from Years 3--6 represented our school at the Tadcaster Cluster Swimming Gala at Tadcaster Swimming Pool. We competed against 5 other schools in a series of races comprising of individual and team events. The children used a range of stroke including breast stroke, front crawl, freestyle backstroke and butterfly. Despite lots of nerves the children tried their very best against some stiiff competition. Overall our children came in 6th place.

Monday 30th January 2017- 12 of our Year 5 children took part in the Tag Rugby Festival at Tadcaster Grammar School. The chidren had the opportunity to put into practise their Tag Rugby skills. Adam Palmer said the children who attended the competition were a credit to our school and all tried really hard in their matches.

Monday 6th February 2017- 30 of our KS1 and 2 children took part in a dance festival at Tadcaster Grammar School. Five schools came to the event to perform their own dance routines for the other schools. The children made up the routines along with Miss McCrea. At the end of the afternoon the children were then taught a new routine by some of the high school students. They then perfomed this as a flash mob.

Monday 20th March 2017- 30 KS1 children attended the Multi Skills Athletics event. Mrs Whitehead reported that the competition was very well organised by the students and staff at Tadcaster Grammar school. The children had a great time experiencing diifferent athletic based activities.

On Wednesday 5th April 2017- Oscar and Thomas took part in the Swimming Panathlon at Queen Ethelbergs School in Escrick. The boys took part in a number of races, we worked as part of a team with another school from the York area. The boys did brilliantly and our team managed to come 2nd overall! We also got to meet a  GB paralympian Swimmer! We had a fantastic day out and the boys were buzzing when they came back to school.

Thursday 27th April 2017- 14 Year 3 and 4 children competed in a Quicksticks Hockey Tournament at Tadcaster Grammar School. The children competed in two teams- A and B. The A Team lost 4-1 to Tockwith school but had a 4-2 Victory over Riverside. Overall we came 2nd, just missing out on a place in the level 2 finals. The children played remarkably well. Well done to all of the children that attended.

We would just like to say a huge well done the girls football team who represented our school at Selby College on Wednesday 17th May. The girls played remarkably well and managed to reach 3rd Place overall. The girls played well as a team and demonstrated lots of determination despite the miserable weather.

On Monday 19th June Mrs Whitehead took 20 KS1 children to the Athletics Multi skills event at Tadcaster Grammar School. The children had a great time and tried their very best in all the activities that were provided.

On Monday 17th July Mrs Barber took 15 children in Years 3 and 4 to the Ainsty Sport event at Tadacster Grammar School. The children took part in track and field events. The children were a credit to our school and tried their very best. Well done to everyone that went!


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