We enjoy sharing our children's sporting achievements both in and out of school. For example, if your child has mastered a new skill, learnt a new sport, improved their attitude or perhaps demonstrated excellent team work in a sporting club attended outside of school we would love to celebrate their success. Our Sports Crew report each Friday on any Sports Stars that we have in our celebration assembly. 

Summer Term 2019
A huge well done to:

Mia Campbell- Learn to Swim Level 3
Oliver Waudby - Man of the match
Fearne Prendergast - gymnastcis level 3
Evie Gaddas - Gymfusion
Amber & Jade Crawford - Daisy First Aid Gold Certificate
Sam Morris - Mud run medal
Jack Vass - Football achievemnet
Lotty Parks - Mud run medal
William Parks - Mud run medal
Ava Priestley - Karate certificate
Zach Cliff - Mud run medal
Annabelle Cliff - Mud run medal
Alfie Kelsey - Football medal
Eliza Jackson - Stage Door Certificate
Mollie-May McGann - Learn to Swim Level 2
Alexa Murray - Singing trophy and certificate
Maya Foreman - Mud run medal
Josef Watson-Adams - Discus medal
Olivia Winfield - Horse riding rosette
Dylan Shields - Karate Belt
Maya Foreman - Horse riding rosette
Josh Martin - Football trohpy
Bella Martin - Dance trophies and medals
Violet Gill - Learn to Swim Level 1
Oliver Waudby - Trophy
Lewis Toner-Johnson - Trophy
Finlay Cronshaw - Football trophy
Ethan Blackwell - Learn to Swim Level 2
Summer Wood - Bubble Rush
Jacob Angus - Stage Door
Marcus - Medals
Daisy-Mae Graham - Trophy
Dahlia Gill - Learn to Swim Level 1, 2&3 and 5 & 10 metre badge.
Amber Crawford - Learn to Swim Level 3
Will Allison – Stage Door
Bradley Fusco – Football Man of the Match
Ashleigh McDowell – Ballet
Scarlett Richmond – Ballet
Fearne Prendergast –Gymnastics
Jacob Collyer – Football trophy
Oscar Lawn – Football trophy
Harrison Foreman – Sports medal.
Jacob Waudby - Level 4 Learn to Swim
Harrison Foreman - Football trophy
Jade Crawford - Level 4 Learn to Swim
Violet Gill - 5 Metre Swimming Badge
Fearne Pendergast - Gymnastic medal and certificate
Oliver Waudby - Football medals and trophy
Jude Hunter - Football trophy

Well done to all of Mrs Sampson's Year 1 Class for their Swimming Certificates.
Well done to all children who participated in the Spring Inter-School Sports Competitions.

Spring Term 2019

A huge well done to:
Evie Smith who gained a green belt in Karate.
Jake Waudby who gained a white belt orange stripe in Karate.
Maya Foreman who achieved her 400 metre swimming certificate.
Bradley Fusco for his football trophies.
Maya Foreman for her horseriding achievement.
Sonny-Lee Booth who gained a white belt black stripe in Karate.
Summer Wood who was awarded her preliminary safety skills certificate in swimming.
Oliver and Jake Waudby who were awarded their premilimanry safety skills certificate in swimming.
Brooke Kelsey who has achieved the level 5&6 proficiency awards in Gymnastics.
Mia Campbell who gained her learn to swim level 1 award.
Harrison Foreman who was awarded his preliminary safety skills certificate in swimming.
Maya Foreman who was awarded her personal safety skills award in swimming.
Valentine Machin who was awarded man of the match in his football game.
Dylan Shields who gained a brown belt double white stripe in Karate.
Noah Huckstep for his Swimming.
Alistair Christie for achieving his 50m badge in swimming.
Amber Crawford for her certificates in swimming.
Hannah Hurst for her swimming and gymnastic achievements.
Harrison Foreman for his 25m and level 5 learn to swim certificates.
Harry for his level 5 learn to swim and 200 metre badges.
Jade Crawford for her swimming certificates.
Olivia Platt for acieveing a red belt in Kararte.
Summer Wood for her learn to swim level 4 certificate.
Ollie Dutson for rugby.
Cameron Steward for Karate.
Alistair Christie for achieving his belt in Karate.
Oliver Waudby for his Learn to swim level 4 badge.
Asher Antonio for Karate.
Lexi for dance.
Jake Waudby for his Karate belt.
Amy Kavangh for her Karate belt.
Sophie for her gymnastics certificate.

Autumn Term 2018

A huge well done to:

Bella Martin who achieved grade 1 in her tap dancing.
Oscar Davidson who gained his certificate in Preliminary Safety Skills.
Tabitha Ellis who won 2 rosettes.
Evie and Hollie Gaddas for their participation in GYMFUSION.
Lotty Parks for achieving level 7 and 8 in Gymnastics Proficieny awards.
Oliver and Jake Waudby who gained Level 3 Swimming awards.
William Parks for his Rugby achievement.
Jacob Angus for his Premier Sport achievement.
Annabelle Cliff for her Level 2 Swimming award.
Josef Watson-Adams for his Level 3 Swimming achievement.
Leighton Banks for his sporting achievement.
Lotty Parks for her Multi-sports award.
Marcus Stephenson-Hearn for his Martial Arts achievement.
Olivia Cummings for her Badminton medal.
Oscar Davidson for his Gymnastics medals.
Zachary Cliff for his Level 3 Swimming achievement.

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