We enjoy sharing our children's sporting achievements both in and out of school. For example, if your child has mastered a new skill, learnt a new sport, improved their attitude or perhaps demonstrated excellent team work in a sporting club attended outside of school we would love to celebrate their success. Our Sports Crew report each Friday on any Sports Stars that we have in our celebration assembly. 
Spring Term 2020
A huge well done to:
Ava Green - Swimming
Joseph Green - Swimming
Jessica France - Swimming
Felicity Mouser-Brown - Swimming
Archie Robinson - Swimming
Finn Campbell - Swimming
Joshua Hope - Swimming
Lucas Miller - Swimming
Oliver Waudby - Swimming
Jake Waudby - Swimming
Oliver Bullock - Swimming
Johnathon - Swimming
Anna Johnson - Dance (tap)
Jake Waudby - Karate
Lotty Parks - Karate
Callum Robinson - Karate
Amy Kavangh - Karate

Autumn Term 2019:
A huge well done to:
Archie Robinson - Swimming
Stanley - Swimming
Ethan Shann & Jacob Collyer - Football
Isobel Baboolal - Swimming
Jade Crawford - Swimming
Lucy Dixon - Swimming
Niall Urquhart - Swimming
William Baboolal - Swimming
Jake Waudby - Karate
Maisie Beal - Gymnastics
Maya Foreman - Horse Riding
Jessica Brennan

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