We enjoy sharing our children's sporting achievements both in and out of school. For example, if your child has mastered a new skill, learnt a new sport, improved their attitude or perhaps demonstrated excellent team work in a sporting club attended outside of school we would love to celebrate their success. Our Sports Crew report each Friday on any Sports Stars that we have in our celebration assembly. 

Spring Term 2018

A huge well done to Summer Wood who achieved the level 2 'Learn How to Swim Award.'

Cameron Stewart has been awarded his stage 2 swimming badge for swimming 10m on his back. Well done!

Phoebe Clayton has gained a medal in her Martial Arts for dedication and effort. Well done.

Georgie Clayton achieved not one but two awards for her dancing! Georgie impressed everyone with her tall trophy for cheerleading. Well done.

Olivia Cummings shared her success in Skiing! Well done! It is lovely to see lots of different sports being undertaken.

Maya Hart and Olivia Winfield celebrated achievements in Horse Riding. Well done! 

Valentine Machin, Katie Smith and Oscar Crowder have all gained their red belt in Karate! 

Kayleigh Wren has gained a yellow and White belt in Karate, great work! 


Eleanor Marples has achieved a level 3 in Swimming.

Summer Term 2018

A big well done to the following children... 

Phoebe Clayton has gained a yellow belt for her kickboxing.

Zoe and Sophie Kay have achieved awards in Football.

Isabella Martin has gained awards for her ballroom dancing. 

Olivia Winfield, Hollie and Evie Gaddas have all completed the Race for Life!

Eliza gained a level 6 for her Gymnastics work.

Amelie Webster has been successful in Horse Riding.

Nathan H has achieved his level 5 for Swimming.




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