The 2018-19 Sports Crew have now been elected. These students have been chosen for their commitment to sport and healthy lifestyle.
The crew are as follows:
Yr 4: Olivia & Lucas
Yr4: Archie & Mazie
Yr 5: Amelia & Jayden
Yr5/6: Max & Jessica
Yr 6: Tom & Sophie
The crew will be promoting being active and healthy living throughout the year as well as promoting the School Games Values: Passion, Self-Belief, Respect, Honesty, Determination and Teamwork.
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pdfSports Crew Meeting Minutes 12.10.18

pdfSports Crew Meeting Minutes 22.11.18

Sports Crew 2017-2018

Our Sports Crew is made up of 11 of our Year 4-6 children who have demostrated a passion for Sport. They are a group of children who are committed to helping to motivate, inspire and promote the Sainsbury's School games ethos through PE and Sport in our school. This term (Autumn) has largely been taken up with helping to establish the role of Sports crew. The crew have had training on a new inititaive that we have launched in school called 'The Golden Mile.' The Sports Crew are montors for this and their job is to encouarge as many children as possible to run laps of our course during their lunchtime play. So far the scheme has proved popular with our children with lots of the children from all year groups becoming more active at lunchtime. 

During the spring term the Sports Crew are going to be running a challenge activity one day a week in our school Mugger area. The chilren will plan ,set up and promte this to the children in our school. The children will also be much more active in reporting activities that are happening in school through the website and our school newletters. 


Sports Crew 2016-2017

Our Sports crew are a group of young people from our school who join together to help to lead the planning and delivering of school sports clubs and intra school competition programmes. They influence and shape the school sport offer for their peers through deciding on types of competitions to be held, when and where they take place making it more attractive and accessible to all children. Our Sports crew is made up of two children from every class in Years 1 to 6. Our sports crew have being chosen because of the commitment and passion that they have shown for sport through achievements in and/or out of school. 

On Thursday 9th February Stacey Howard came in to school to deliver some training to our sports crew. She talked to them about how their role can be further developed in school. Stacey talked to the children about leading and orgainising small challenges for the children in school on a lunchtime. The Sports crew are keen to get their challenges up and running and are hoping to hold their first challenge before the Easter holidays. Stacey also talked to the children about blogging and are hopefully going to begin using our Sainsbury's school games page to start blogging about what they are doing in school.

The Sports Crew had their first playground challenge that they have organised on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th April. The children chose a basket ball challenge. Children in KS1 and KS2 had the opportunity to take part in shooting as many hoops as they could manage during morning break. The children designed posters to advertise the event and led the activity successfully at playtime. The idea was to get as many children as active and engaged in fun sporting activities as we could. The competitiion was very well received by the children and we had great participation. Well done to the Sports Crew for organsing the event. We will be on with the planning of the next event very soon.

As part of their role in school we asked the Sports Crew to pick some activities that they would like to see happen throughout the acdemic year. We managed to make some of these opportunities a reality.

On Tuesday 6th June we had the GB Paralympian Ayaz Bhutta come and visit us for the day. Ayaz is a Wheelchair Rugby player who competed in Rio Paralympics and many European Championships. It was a pleasure to have Ayaz in school. He led a whole school assembly and then led workshops with the children in Years 2- 6.

Cycling was an activity that was highlighted as an interest by many of our Sports Crew and we were lucky enough to organise some exciting cycle activities.

On Wednesday 21st June we had the Yorkshire schools baton race exchange the baton at our school before the tem of cyclists completed the final leg of the north Yorkshire tour which finished at Lotherton Hall. The children had the opportunity to speak to the cyclists and also get a chance to touch the baton.

On Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd June we had the Pro ride British Cyclist Phil Bateman in school. He led some fantastic workshops for children in Miss Pugh, Mrs Hayton, Miss Middlebrooke/Mrs Barton and Ms Burrough's class. The childrenThe children learnt how to safety check their bikes, enter a race track safely and ways to manoever safely around a track. The children participated in races, cycled over obstacles and had to limbo cycle under a frame which lowered each time the children managed to clear the height. The children had a great time and have learnt lots from the session.

On Tuesday 25th June during our annual  PE Week Adrian Kennedy came into school to lead some Wheelchair basketball sessions for some of our KS2 classes. The children had a great time and learnt how tricky manovering with a Wheelchair can be!

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