In our school, science provides opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live both through practical experience and from other sources of information. We believe that children become better scientists through investigation, which stimulates and excites children to develop a love for the subject. The children are taught a wide range of scientific vocabulary and encouraged to explore their theories and predictions, recording them in a variety of ways. Each year we have a whole school Science Week based around a theme. Science week helps to raise the profile of science in school and allows the children to experience a range of exciting activities and mini projects. The teaching and learning of science is enhanced by educational visits using the local area as a resource or visitors to the school.

The aims of science in Athelstan are to:

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Athelstan school is proud to have once again been awarded the Primary Science Gold Quality Mark ,this is the highest Primary Science Quality Mark achievable for its curriculum, provision and teaching of science. Mrs Barton took the lead in the reapplication and we must congratulate her and all the other staff who teach science in school. The feedback from the awarding council sums up the strength of the award.

The Primary Science Quality Mark ™ has the following aims:

  • To raise the profile of science in primary schools
  • To encourage primary schools to increase the range and quality of teaching   and learning in science
  • To recognise, promote and spread good practice in science teaching and   learning
  • To provide a framework for evaluating, planning and developing the quality   of science teaching and learning in primary schools
  • To celebrate a commitment to excellence in science in primary schools

"This is a really, really exciting school with lots of great science experiences. It is up to date, forward thinking, addressing current issues and providing an education setting that I would be more than happy for my own children to experience, full of curiosity and with a strong questioning ethos. With all the community work you have going on, you have truly hit the Gold standard, I can see that you have plenty going on and wish you luck in the future.  Congratulations on your award."  PSQM National Director