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We have a maximum of 52 morning places available per session and a maximum of 52 places available per afternoon session. Children may attend full days. The school has its own admissions authority for Puddles and has adopted the North Yorkshire Education guidelines for admissions, which are as follows, in priority order: -

  1. Children with an Educational Health Care Plan
  2. Children who are recommended by the Director of Social Services, including children in care of the local authority, or by the Designated medical officer.
  3. Children from homes disadvantaged by poor housing conditions or overcrowding, or from a background which is prejudicial to the child’s normal educational development
  4. After the priority admissions shown above have been made, admission will then be made for children within the school’s normal catchment area. Allocation will be based on age, oldest first.
  5. Children from outside the school’s normal catchment area will be allocated a place, those nearest to school first.Priority will be given to those with siblings already in the school and then to those living nearest to the school

Please see the NYCC admission policy for further guidance

Children are eligible to attend Puddles Nursery the half term after their 3rd birthday. Admissions take place each half term subject to available places. The academic year runs from September 1st to August 31st. Priority is given to those children who will be 3 before September 1st. We are holding a drop in session on Wednesday May 17th  at either 9.30am or 1.30pm for parents to come along and see the setting and what are chidlren do. 

Puddles Nursery sessions run from 8:40am until 11:40am with a lunch session offered from 11.40am until 12.10pm ,the afternoon session runs from 12.10pm until 3.10pm. Before and after school care is provided on site by our Early Years staff. Children are entiteled to receive up to 15 hours of funded sessions which can be taken flexibly over the week. (This may incorporate full days if required). Families may be eligible to recieve an additional 15 hours of funded provsion in  line with the governments commitment to working familes and the 30 hours funding promise. For more information  please visit the NYCC website 30 hours funding . Parents and Carers may take additional sessions or lunch times, however these sessions are charged for by the school. (Rates advised below)

If your require sessions in addition to your child’s funded hours, we are able to offer these at the prices set out below




Hourly Rate

Discounted Session Cost

Core Day

8.40 am – 3.10 pm




   8.40 – 11.40am



   11.40am – 12.10pm



   12.10 – 3.10pm


Wraparound care

7.40-8.40am/ 3.10-6.00pm



   Breakfast Club*

   7.40 – 8.40am


After School Club 1.*

                   OR 2.  

   3.10 – 5.40pm


   3.10 – 6.00pm


Funded hours do not include snack during the morning and afternoon sessions, or breakfast, lunch or tea time meals charges. These will be charged separately as shown in the table.  Breakfast and tea are included in the cost of paid for Breakfast and After School Club



Tea Time


£1.05 per day

£2.10 per day

£2.10  per day

£0.30 per session

The costs of sessions additional to your child’s funded hours, of snack, and of breakfast/tea to be taken at school will be invoiced half termly in advance.  School lunches are optional (your child may wish to bring a packed lunch instead), and are charged daily, as taken.

Pupil Premium Funding

Three and four year old children from families in receipt of certain benefits may be entitled to Pupil Premium funding. If you think your child may be eligible, please contact the school office or Early Years Office for more information. As well as generating additional funding for the school, Pupil Premium funding entitles three and four year old children to

  • free school meals up to twice a week: the child must attend the morning and afternoon sessions either side of those meals; the school also covers the cost of the lunchtime session during which a free school meal is taken. A child with Pupil Premium Funding can thus attend two full days (8.40-3.10pm) and one half day (8.40-11.40am) in nursery, using their 15 hours funding, without being charged for anything but snacks (£0.25 per session).
  • A uniform voucher worth £30 per year, to be used towards the cost of the school jumpers/cardigans sold in school.
  • Up to £30 per term towards the cost of after school activities (e.g. dance, football) and trips/ in-school extras (e.g. Christmas show).

pdfInformation for Puddles Parents

pdfFlow chart - funding and charges

 pdfPuddles application form


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