Welcome to Athelstan Community Primary School
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This week we are looking at the topic ‘People who help us.’ We were very lucky to start off the topic with a visit from Tadcaster Fire Services, along with their fire engine. We all had a fantastic time learning about what firemen do and the different outfits they wear. Mrs Barber dressed in the outfit firemen wear to save people in water and Miss Wright put on the protective fire outfit. We thought about and discussed what each piece of clothing and equipment was and why they need it. The fire-engine parked outside and we were shown around the fire engine and looked at some of the tools they use. We didn’t realise how much equipment they carried! To finish off our amazing morning we were thrilled to have the opportunity to use the hose and enjoyed firing water at the targets. A great time was had by all and we would like to say a big thank you to Tadcaster Fire Services for sparing their time to come and visit us!