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Kingspan Community Trust was set up to provide funding within the parish and supports projects which meet the following criteria:

  • Supports the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment
  • Encourages biodiversity (the variety and number of plants and animals.)
  • Improves the health and fitness of young people through recreation.
  • Promotes road safety

September 2014

Thank you to Kingspan Community Trust for providing the school with a grant to provide our pupils with access to a Fencing Club led by a member of school staff, who has undergone Go Fencing training. Fencing is a sport which would not usually be accessed within State Primary schools; however we would like our pupils to aspire to explore a wider range of activities and sports. Fencing demands a high level of fitness and mental concentration and after an initial introduction to the sport, there is a keen interest amongst our pupils. It provides an excellent springboard for both pupils and teachers to start the sport and could lead  to children aspiring to higher levels of competition and more adults having the desire to qualify to coach. Fencing is proven to teach physical discipline and mental control. The unusual nature of fencing means that it holds a child's interest much better than a more mainstream sport.

In addition to fencing the Trust also provided the school with a grant to enable us  to offer our pupils the opportunity to take part in Quick Sticks Hockey. This is a game played with wooden hockey sticks designed for children from age 7 to 11. It is designed as a small sided game using a larger and lighter ball. It teaches the children all the basic skills needed to progress to full team hockey, whilst developing their hand eye ball coordination and team skills. Providing children with an introduction to this sport will open up alternative sporting pathways to the traditional team sports, again Hockey is proven as a sport which requires children to develop their focus and mental capacity as well as their physical skills.

Athelstan School would also like to thank the Kingspan Community Trust for once again supporting the school. The grant awarded of £1345.61 has  enabled us to provide these opportunities.









 September 2013

Thank you to Kingspan  Community Trust for providing us with a Grant to provide Road safety resources

The award has enabled us to develop and enhance road safety awareness and the work currently being undertaken for all children, staff and parents and develop an awareness to parents that the school cares about road safety and encourage their involvement with their children through activities and events.Children in Early years and KS1 are shown to learn better with a practical approach, using roads is part of children's daily lives so they have a lot to say about it if inspired and encouraged The trust provided a grant of £1326.85 to  support the practical  resources currently in school. We have installed a role play road on the playground with junctions and crossings and road safety signs . In addition when taking children out of school on visits there would be improved safety for both staff and pupils to wear high visibility clothing.

September 2012

Thank you to Kingspan Community Trust for providing a grant to encourage and develop challenging and active play amongst our children.The award  has enabled us provided a grant of £4,563 to allow us to increase the level of challenge and development of recreational play for the children from year 1 to 6.The new equipment “Pick up Sticks" provides challenge and confidence building whilst making children more active.


We are very grateful to the trust for their continued support within the community

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