Athelstan School Council pupils took part in a steel signing event with Sewells Construction.The children were escorted onto the site by Mrs Thompson (School Business Manager and Mrs Barton, Inclusion Manager ) They met with Paul Armitage Construction Site Manager and Mark Dodgson ,Construction Project Manager who spoke to the councillors about the progress of the work being undertaken to extend their school.

The children were very excited to find out what has been happening behind the construction hoarding and were amazed by the work and the size of the new school.All the children were dressed in  protective clothing and signed their names on the steel frame of the building.

"It was very interesting and I can now see what it will look like in September" Lucas Culkin Y2. "We met some builders who showed us around the buidling site and they were very friendly" ,Amelie Webster Y2

"Signing the steel means I am part of this school forever",Jonathan Eldridge Y5

Sewells Construction have been very helpful and it is lovely to include the children in the progress of the project. It is their school and for them to see the progress was very exciting. Mrs Sue Thompson (School Business Manager  )