At Athelstan Community Primary School we are commited to ensuring that our pupil premium children achieve the best possible outcomes.

We have high aspirations for all the children in our school community and believe that all children should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential and “Be the best that they can be “. We seek, as a school community, to provide personalised learning opportunities and targeted support to allow every child to flourish. We recognise that not all pupils, who are academically or socially disadvantaged are registered for free school meals, we therefore reserve the right to allocate Pupil Premium funding to support any pupil, or group of pupils, identified by the school as being at a significant disadvantage. In order to meet the above requirements, the Governing Body of Athelstan Community Primary School will ensure that provision is made to secure the teaching and learning opportunities and meet the needs of all pupils.

This academic year, (2018-2019) we have 62 pupils, wo are eligible to recive Pupil Premium funding. Consultation with staff and parents  allows us to identify the areas of need for our  children 

The numbers of disadvantaged children vary year on year ,they are tracked throughout the academic year to ensure that the curriculum and their provision is tailored to meet their needs, according to their barriers to learning.

Our priorities for 2018-2019  are:

  • To narrow the gap for those pupils currently not on track to achieve the age expected standard at the end of KS2.
  • To ensure early identification of children with additional needs and to promote and implement early intervention programmes.
  • To ensure that there is extra adult support to facilitate emotional and social development.
  • To ensure that the needs of the more able pupils are met.
  • To ensure that pupil premium allocated enables access to after school clubs, holiday clubs, visits and enrichment activities
  • To prioritise the use of pupil premium for the most vulnerable, ensuring that it has the biggest impact on the life chances and education of our children.

To enable all children to be ‘The best that they can be’ the following provision will be implemented

  • Provide pastoral support for individual pupils and families.
  • Provide targeted intervention in maths and literacy within classes, including those pupils within Early Years.
  • Provide targeted additional group interventions for maths and literacy.
  • In Early Years, provide early intervention and assessment of speech and language acquisition.
  • Ensure that attendance is a high priority.
  • Provide financial assistance for school visits, after school clubs and school uniform, including those pupils within Early Years
  • To provide places at breakfast ,after school club and holiday clubs

Planned Pupil Premium Expenditure for 2018-2019

This academic year approximately 14% of our school population are in receipt of pupil premium.  These small numbers of children vary year on year so are therefore tracked on a highly individual basis throughout the school and their curriculum and provision is tailored to meet needs according to their barriers to learning.

What we intend to do:

How this will be achieved

Whole School training and provision to support emotional wellbeing for children and staff

Embed the Thrive approach across school so that the children who need 1:1 support receive it.

Yoga – whole school/class to promote resilience

Improved progress in spelling and the incorporation of more adventurous Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary

The implementation of the non-negotiable spelling list which will tackle major spelling concerns. Spelling journals introduced form Y2 and the continuation of Word Attack. Children will also be exposed to more Tier2/3 words on a weekly/daily basis.

Booster groups

Spring term

This has been targeted at those pupils who have been identified as needing additional input to achieve their targets via specific personalised after school interventions.

Ongoing access to emotional and social interventions and support for vulnerable children and their families.

Pastoral Support worker to achieve accreditation in:

1.      CACHE LEVEL 2 Certificate in understanding Children and Young Peoples’ Mental health.

2.      CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism

Targeted support driven by analysis of need; Pastoral Support

Assistant delivery in 1:1 or small groups as required. Attendance will be monitored and analysed.

Online qualification/accreditation via Selby College.

Enabling our children to benefit from residential opportunities and school trips as well as wider curriculum opportunities.

Funded places on trips ,music tuition, Artsmark and residential visits ; uniform   ,free milk and after school clubs


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