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  • During the cycle workshop, the class split into two groups and each child had the opportunity to bring their bike or scooter in from home and participate in a range of exciting cycling activities. The children practised cycling in a circuit, at different speeds and with ramps and other obstacles. 


  • The theme for our maths investigation day was pizza. KS1 split into equal groups and mixed together between the four classes. Each teacher did a different activity with their group: designing pizza boxes, creating a menu and adding prices together, working out pizza toppings and making pizzas! Each group had lots of fun doing each activity. All the activities contained an element of maths problem solving and the children had to use a variety of different problem solving and reasoning skills.

    At the end of the day, children from every group explained what they had done and then we tasted the pizza (this was by far the best part of the day).


  • To launch out topic on Castles and Dragons we dressed as lords, ladies and servants from medieval times. We spent the morning preparing for a special banquet. Activities included:  making shields, designing place mats, creating crowns, writing a medieval banquet menu, making soup, learning old English and learning a medieval dance. In the afternoon, all of KS1 got together in the hall to perform their dance and eat their soup. It was a fantastic day!


  • pdfClick here to read the Ofsted letter sent to school following their inspection in October 2017.

  • On Friday 17th November, the final day of our Parliament Week celebrations, children in Year 6, alongside other Year 6 pupils from across the STAR Alliance, took part in an exciting Question Time Event in which they posed a series of questions to a panel of important political figures. Panellists included:

    - Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate, a serving member of the House of Lords;

    - Nigel Adams, MP for Selby and Ainsty;

    - Richard Corbett, MEP for Yorkshire and Humber;

    - Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner;

    - David Buckle, Vice-Chairman of Selby District Council. 


    Prior to the event, children worked hard, both inside and outside of school, to create a series of questions aimed to challenge the panellists and encourage a wide range of views and responses. They definitely succeeded! Questions covered a wide topics such as Brexit, Donald Trump, terrorism, anti-social behaviour, crime in Sherburn andsurrounding areas, funding for Youth Services and homelessness. 

    Over the course of the event, children listed attentively to the often passionate and animated responses from the panellists; they were a true credit to our school. At the end of the event, children had the opportunity to meet the panellists and have their photos taken with our VIP guests.


  • The theme this year for science week was bees. We were very buzzzzy learning all sorts of things about bees and carrying out lots of practical activities. We enjoyed learning the waggle dance: this is a special dance that bees do to show other bees where they have found a good source of nectar. We searched the school grounds for suitable homes for bees and we made bees out of clay after researching the different parts of the bee.

    We also had a special visitor to tell us all about bees and honey. We learnt about the queen bee, other types of bee and what is inside a bee hive. We also learnt lots more interesting facts for example: why bees swarm, what they make, how they transport pollen, how queen bees and royal jelly are made. The children had the opportunity to see real bees in a bee observation hive, try on bee suits and taste honey. It was very informative and lots of fun!

  • Today we visited Skipton Castle as part of our castles and dragons topic. It was a long journey but when we arrived we got to see the beautiful castle and its surroundings. Each class had a guided tour around the castle. We learnt about each room and what it would have been used for when the castle was first built. We visited the dungeon and got to see what life would have been like as a prisoner in the castle. The guide turned the light off and everybody screamed! The day was packed full of facts and after lunch we had an activity booklet to complete based on what we had learnt. The favourite part of most children's day was seeing the garderobe (medieval toilet). It was lots of fun!

  • skype the speaker

    On Monday 13th November, as part of our events around Parliament Week, children from Years 2 to 6 conducted a Skype interview with Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow. This was an exciting opportunity for the children to learn about Parliament, Democracy and the role of Speaker of the House and is something that very few primary schools are given the opportunity to do.

    Mr Speaker spoke passsionately about a range of topics covering Brexit, Theresa May, Donald Trump and the importance of children involving themselves in politics. He also commented on the quality of questions are children asked, all of which had been devised by the children themselves. 

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