Dear Parents/Carers,
At Athelstan we are an active Governing Body who firmly believe that we are part of the whole school community. We have a strategic planning role, in the running of the school including setting:
  • Aims and objectives
  • Policies
  • Targets
Parents and staff are encouraged to be involved the development of our aims and policies in an effort to provide consistent messages from home and school. During each school year we monitor progress towards the achievement of the aims and targets and review the effectiveness and relevance of the policies.Through work in various committees we, amongst much more, oversee the spending of the allocated budget, recruit new staff and ensure that the law is correctly followed for areas such as the curriculum, health and safety, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination. 
Another important role is to act as a “critical friend” to the head teacher and the school community by providing advice and support but also to ask questions and challenge proposals and results. Governors make regular visits to school to see the school “in action” and attend productions, assemblies etc. This helps us keep in touch with the effect of our work.
 Miss O’Donnell as head teacher is responsible for the internal organisation and day-to-day management and control of the school. Miss O’Donnell keeps the governors informed of progress and works closely with the governor committees. The head teacher can choose to be a governor as in the case of Miss O’Donnell.
 I hope that you will take the opportunity of visiting our school and seeing first hand the environment, teaching and facilities the school has to offer.
 Yours sincerely,  
Chair of Governors
Mr Andrew Parmenter 
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