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Teachers in Year Six are  Mrs Whelerton and Mr Ivel 

 We do PE on: Wednesday & Thursday 

We test spellings on: Thursday

We practise our times tables: Daily

Our daily homework is to read to an adult at home and practise our times tables and spellings in order to ensure we make the best possible progress during our time in Year 6.

Additional homework will be set occasionally throughout the year. 




Useful Documents                   

Class Letters     



pdfYear 6 suggested reading list

pdfYear 5 -6 spelling words

pdfYear 6 SATs Spellings



 pdfHome Learning Instruction Letter

pdfWeek 1 Home Learning

pdfWeek 2 Home Learning

This is our weekly planning for "The Last week". Enclosed are the weekly plans, spellings, Taskmaster activity and Escape Room Challenge.

pdfWeekly plan

pdfSpelling list


pdfEscape Room

pdfEscape Room Answers

pdfEnd of Year Memories

Below is the weekly plan for our home learning topic on "The Island' and weekly spellings. We have  attached our school's Virtual Sports Week timetable for the chidlren to complete. Please can you email pictures of the chidlren completing the activities to Mrs Whelerton or Mr Ivel, we look forward to seeing your pictures.

pdfWeekly Plan

pdfSpelling Plan

pdfVirtual Sports Programme

Here is the weekly plan and spelling sheet for home learning.

pdfWeekly plan

pdfSpelling plan

Here is our exciting plan for this week. Please read the guidance on the sheet to help you.

pdfweekly spelling plan

pdfWeekly plan

Here is the weekly plan for next week. We have also included the PE activity for Wednesday and the music lesson for Friday.

pdfWeekly plan for 15.6.20

pdfWednesday PE lesson

pdfFriday music lesson

Below  is the timetable for next week. All worksheets are avilable on Purplemash

pdfWeekly plan

pdfThrive work Monday



Hi, we hope you had a lovely break. Below is the suggested timetable for the week which you may wish to follow. All  resources and answers sheets are saved on Purplemash as 2dos. Included below are this weeks spelling list and the English plan resources. 

pdfWeekly Plan

pdfEnglish weekly plan


pdfReading Bingo


Below is the link for Home Leanring for week 5. We will be sending the Maths sheets via email. Work for the session1 will be sent after the Skype session.

pdfHome Learning Weekly Plan


pdfMusic Lesson

pdfThe Sedar Plate


Below is the link for Home Leanring for week 4. We will be sending the Maths sheets via email. Work for the session1 will be sent after the Skype session.

pdfHome Learning Week 4

pdfSpelling list Year 6

pdfGuide to writing news report


Here is the weekly plan and resources for home learning w/c 4.5.2020. Session 1 Maths resources will be shared with the children during the Skype session and follow-on work emailed after the session.

pdfWeekly plan

pdfWeekly spellings

pdfMrs Mould's music lesson


Below week 2 planning w/c 27.4.20. Teachers will send the Maths Worksheet for session 5 via email. Please find an exciting optional sports virual activity from North Yorkshire.

pdfWeekly Plan 27.4.20

pdfSpelling Week 2

pdfNorth Yorkshire Virtual Sport Activity

pdfWriting prompt for English writing activity

pdfScience Activity session 3

pdfResources for Skype English session


Please find below the home learning and links to useful websites for the two weeks up to Easter.

pdfWeek 1 Home Learning

pdfWeek 2 Home Learning.



The Year 6 really enjoyed their week in Kingswood, Colomendy in Wales. They completed a wide range of outdoor activities including: abseiling, climbing, high and low ropes, archery, balance beams, shelter building, buggy building, 3 G swing, bouldering, fire lighting and nightline. Throughout the week, the children were challenged to tackle a variety of activities, in some cases facing their fears, and showed great resilience.  Well done to all the children during the week.